• Shirts

    Hand care and minute attention to detail are hallmarks of Creeds' shirt service, from laundering to blocking and pressing. All dress shirts have their collars and cuffs thoroughly scrubbed prior to gentle washing in cool water. Small tears and loose stitches are found and repaired, broken buttons sought out and replaced, and folded shirts benefit from a broader press width for a less conspicuous crease pattern. That's the type of proactive, individual care you can rely on from your personal valet.

  • Bridal

    Personal attention is a hallmark of our heirlooming service, and we'll carefully inspect your dream dress for minor damage, small tears - even lost buttons. Your gown is meticulously hand-cleaned and hand-finished according to industry-leading standards, then delicately stuffed with acid-free tissue paper to maintain its shape, and carefully packed in an airtight box to preserve your heirloom for future generations. This service is the perfect treatment for any ceremonial or sentimental garments you wish to preserve.

  • Linens

    Treat yourself to splendidly smooth and silky sheets with Creeds' linens service and relive that pampered "5 Star Hotel" feeling every night. We care for the natural fibers in premium sheets and use techniques to prolong their life. With Creeds' linens service, you'll avoid the abrasion and agitation of a home laundry machine - not to mention the shrinkage. We also specialize in cleaning fine tablecloths, antique textiles and vintage lace. Our experts use traditional techniques to keep treasured linens looking clean and fresh.

  • Rugs

    Heirloom quality rugs are classically the most valuable piece of art in a room and should be treated as such. Creeds offers expert cleaning services for all kinds of rugs - from hand-knotted silk Persians to heirloom Orientals. Proper care prolongs the integrity of your rug, preserving its beauty for the next generation. Creeds' professionals excel at deep cleaning and reviving colour. Our modern plant and drying tower can handle even the largest loose carpet. We also offer Teflon guard protection to prevent future stains.

  • Drapes

    With the best care, quality drapes should last a lifetime. Creeds' drapes service safely removes stains, allergens, dust buildup and cooking smoke residue from your window treatments. To protect your investment, custom draperies should be professionally cleaned every two to three years. Creeds cleans drapery fabric with our customized process, choosing the cleaning method that best suits the textile. Enjoy white glove service as our experts remove draperies for professional cleaning and install complimentary temporary blinds for the interim. With Creeds, freshening up your whole home is that simple.

  • Handbags

    At Creeds, we've created the ultimate restoration regime for delicate handbags. Depending on what the original design calls for, we use premium products and techniques to clean, moisturize, shine and protect. We can also target specific issues such as stain removal, color restoration, water and stain proofing. From silk clutches and leather sacs, to travel luggage or steamer trunks, after a round of Creeds' special care rituals, your favourite accessory will be showroom-fresh and stunning.

  • Business Wear

    We at Creeds are conscious of the fine lines in a business wardrobe. We give attention to all the special details that make the difference. You are assured hand-finish rolled edges, rolled lapels, no pocket or seam impressions.

    Our highly trained professionals routinely inspect every garment for problem areas and give special attention when and where it is needed. Loose and missing buttons, hooks, eyes, and threads, to falling hems and shoulder pads are routinely inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary. All minor repairs are noted and tended to without any action on your part.

  • Couture Service

    Designer labels deserve better than the corner cleaner. High-end fashion is an investment in your image - keep gorgeous garments looking their best with Creeds' specialized care. Our couture experts speak a highly sophisticated in-house language of fine fabrics, delicate textures and special trims. Creeds' professionals carefully inspect each garment to determine the most appropriate cleaning materials and techniques. Intricate beading, vintage gowns and structured suits benefit from highly personal, top-notch care at Creeds.

  • Cottage Service

    Our Canadian Summers are short and spending time beyond the city is the perfect way to get the most out of the warm weather. If your summers are packed full of dinners and cocktail parties or if you rival a small hotel with a constant turnover of house guest, Creeds is here to help. Our cottage service extends from Lake Simcoe through the Muskoka's every Monday and Thursday. We offer our usual array of products including dry cleaning, laundry and linen services. Let us help you make this a relaxing summer.