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Why Trust Your Couture, Vintage & Collectibles To Creeds Dry Cleaning?

Creeds Dry Cleaning has prided itself on being the main 'couture dry cleaner' in Toronto for over 30 years. More than a designer or high-end fashion the term ‘couture’ is most commonly used to describe expensive, personally tailored garments, which also may include sentimental garments like a wedding dress, family heirlooms, and special occasion gowns.

These garments are highly valuable and at Creeds we understand the cost and care that people take to look their very best. That’s why our experienced artisans and craftsman work hard to maintain and preserve the integrity of each piece. From safely eradicating all stains to hand-finishing couture and safely storing in acid-free tissue paper, our diverse client base appreciates our reputation of reliable results.

What separates us from other dry cleaners in Toronto is that we lavish clothing with attention to detail and the expertise it warrants. There’s no doubt that decades-old clothing requires special care and attention. Many older pieces are made in fabrics that are no longer manufactured, or that have mostly been replaced by ‘easy-care’ synthetic alternatives. However, the quality of a vintage garment is relatively easy to deduce. If it has held up well over the years, the quality must be at a fairly high level. Most low-quality garments from 40 or more years ago simply haven’t stood the test of time.

When it comes to caring for your vintage or collectible pieces, our experts have great knowledge of the original items’ characteristics and will use the proper treatment and care that is unique to your piece. Vintage clothing is made to last. If you care for it properly and let our dry cleaning experts help you maintain it, it is sure to be an investment that will last for many years to come.

At Creeds we take pride in trying to make your life easier with easy scheduled dry cleaning pick-ups and deliveries throughout the GTA, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure you always look your best. Providing high quality garment care coupled with bold brews and delicious pastries since 1921, we invite you to experience the Creeds Dry Cleaning difference today.

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